Here at Noor Swimwear, we care about ethically produced fashion.  The relationship between the factory and the suppliers is a very close one.  We make sure that the organisations and factories pay fair and acceptable rates, and offer good working conditions for their employees, and that all the people involved in our manufacturing process are treated with respect and dignity.

The production team that we work with here in Australia has a very close working relationship with our Swimwear manufacturer in China.  This ensures that our swim pieces are produced with the highest of quality and craftsmanship.


Our Commitment

Noor Swimwear has a deep commitment to the planet and our community. We do our very best to ensure that our garments are long lasting pieces when taken care of properly, so that they will last years and not end up being thrown out as part of “fast fashion”. 

Our swim pieces are mailed out in either Compostable mailer bags (which can be tossed straight into your compost bin!) or cardboard boxes that can be recycled. The items are also wrapped in tissue paper.  Long term, we will strive to continue to learn, grow and build a brand that is committed to sustainable practices. 

We manufacture with care and integrity, choosing our overseas producers that have reputable and fair employee practices.