Presenting Noor Swimwear. The most elegant Modest swimwear on the market.  Created for fashion conscious ladies who wish to remain covered whilst enjoying a swim at the beach with their family or playing in the pool at the resort.

Each Noor Swimwear piece has been carefully designed and constructed to uphold and maintain full modesty whilst in the water. Noor swimwear is Australia’s newest label that creates the most fuctional and fashionable modest swim dresses in the market today!





Victoria could see a need for a range of swimwear to suit fashion conscious modest women who enjoy travelling and aquatic sports whilst also observing their modest traditions and faith.  Her pieces are UPF 50 which make them perfect for  sun-conscious women to enjoy the outdoors.


With a background in fashion design, Victoria embarked on a Journey of creating timeless and classic swimwear dresses, gathering herself a team of Noor women to be inspired by along the way.


Launching Noor Swimwear is one of Victoria’s proudest moments (aside from her 3 children that is).


It is a privilege and a passion to bring the latest trends and designs into the modest fashion market in Australia, creating pieces that bring confidence and glamour to the pools and beaches worldwide.


Noor Swimwear xx